Doing our part to protect the environment.

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Starlight Casino is adamant to be the greenest casino in New Westminster and is actively pursuing energy saving opportunities in mechanical upgrades and staff training. We are truly grateful to be part of New Westminster’s community, and we hope to preserve it for future generations to enjoy. To achieve this, we are aggressively implementing energy conservation measures to improve Starlight Casino’s energy performance.

Our accolades have recently been recognized as the Green Business of the Year at the 2014 Platinum Awards. This acknowledgment not only justifies our achievements, but also encourages us to further pursue environmentally sustainable business practices and maintain our prestigious title.


Completed in 2011, our underground parkade lighting project saved 202,619kWh. The team went over and above to implement digital controls with daylight harvesting. These innovative controls saved an additional 54,000kWh and earned a plaque from BC Hydro’s Power Smart Partner Program. The exterior parkade also upgraded to LED lamps and saved another 238,000kWh.
In total, that amount of electricity is equivalent to the annual consumption of over 46 homes!


All our air handling units that supply and exhaust air in the building have variable speed drives that can decrease the motors’ speed when occupancy levels are low. This function allows us to accurately adjust our HVAC systems to meet the demands of Starlight Casino’s interior space conditioning needs.

The poker room and kitchen upgraded to LED lights to save 89,000 kWh and earned Starlight Casino another BC Hydro Power Smart Partner Program plaque. We also replaced our heavy-duty dishwasher with an Energy Star certified model to significantly reduce consumption of both water and electricity.

The VIP Room and Buffet renovations were recently completed to better service our clients with improved design and function. Both areas have LED lights which highlight the new spaces brilliantly. These fixtures provide excellent lighting, consume less energy than before, and will not need to be replaced for another decade.